Beatles – Conozca A The Beatles!

Conozca-a-The-Beatles Conozca-The-Beatles-C Conozca-The-Beatles-Co

Artist: Beatles
Album: Conozca A The Beatles!
Label: Musart
Catalog Number:  D 892
Format: Vinyl, LP
Country: Mexico
Year: 19643
Edition: Original First Mexican pressing made by Musart Records
Style: Rock, Beat

Price: $59.00 US Dollars

Media: Good
Sleeve: Good
Comments: It’s an old album but it sounds perfect

1-La Vi Alla ( I saw her standing there )
2-Quiero estrechar tu mano ( I want to hold your hand )
3-Ella te ama ( she loves you )
4-Seras mia (I’ll get you )
5-De Mi para ti (From me to you )
6-Gracias Nina (Thank you girl )
7-Quiero ser tu hombre ( I wanna be your man )
8-No otra vez ( Not a second time )
9-No me molestes ( Don’t bother me )
10-Pequeno Nino (Little child )
11-Abrazame  Fuerte (Hold me tight )
12-Este Muchacho ( This Boy )


Notes: Collectible, Musart, rare



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